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Tired of spam? Tired of email that doesn't really fit your organization's needs? Permanently replace your existing email solution with a cloud-based productivity suite for less than the cost of a server. Mid-Am Tech's in house email expert, Martin Carmichael, is a Certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist. Email to find out what Google Apps can do for you.

Why Use Google Apps?

Google Apps is FREE for Non-Profits

One of the two most compelling reasons for using Google Apps for Non-Profits is that's it's free! You can instantly free up time and money by switching from your current paid provider.

Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Share files with co-workers or affiliates anywhere in the world with the click of a mouse. Unlike traditonal Microsoft Office files, multiple users can work on single documents at the same time - all while seeing your co-workers edit those documents in real time.

Financial Savings for Non-Profits

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Is your organization a 501c3 non-profit? You can permanently replace your existing email solution with cloud-based productivity suite for less than the cost of a server.

One of the biggest advantages of Google Apps for nonprofits is cost savings. Google Apps for Education is the version of Google Apps that nonprofits use for free. This version of Google Apps comes with 30GB of free storage, 24/7 live support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, calendar, contacts, Google Docs, mail and more . When you use Google Apps for your email solution, you eliminate a number of things that draw from your budget. You completely eliminate licensing fees, hardware costs, maintenance fees, upgrade fees and repeat installations. And you save time. Instead of migrating to a new mail server every 4-7 years, that valuable time can be spent on other projects.

The costs associated with making sure your mail is backed up (which include software, hardware and the time spent configuring and installing such systems) also drops to zero because your mail is backed up by Google. There’s also the peace of mind knowing that when you’re using Google Apps, you’ll never be put in the situation to have to restore email backups.

Save on Infrastructure

When an email server is hosted on site, it can require more resources than a basic DSL connection will provide, and it will often require a dedicated T1 circuit. Central Missouri Community Action, a 501c3 non profit, switched to Google Apps from their on-site Exchange server. One of the biggest cost savings came from their ability to get rid of their dedicated T1 internet circuit after the switch. Eliminating the recurring cost associated with the T1 circuit saved about $500 every month. This represented a substantial savings and allowed CMCA to purchase a regular, but faster internet connection for far less.

Contact us at or (573) 777-5200 and ask how we can increase your nonprofit budget by using Google Apps.

Keep Your Data Safe with Google Drive

If your business uses Google Apps, you’ve got a simple backup solution at your fingertips: Google Drive.

It’s a given that your data needs to be backed up. You’ve got important personal and business files that need to survive hard drive crashes, lightning or even theft. We’ve found Google Drive to be a reliable backup solution for many of our clients and staff. It’s easy to use, comes with your account and it works.

As a non profit organization, Google Apps provides 30 GB of free drive storage. Any digital file can be stored in Google Drive (There is a single file size limit of 10GB) and it’s all backed up online. In the event of a fire, hard drive failure or other disaster your data is protected and accessible.

100 Gigabytes of storage is $1.99 per month. 1 Terabyte is $9.99. Compare those prices to other cloud storage, such as Mozy ($9.99/mo 125GB) and Dropbox ($8.25/mo 100GB).

What Kind of Support does Your Email Service Provide?

What happens when your email service goes down? It happens. Sooner or later you’ll have to reach out to tech support for an email issue.

We’ve worked with clients who’ve had email providers that took 24-48 hours to respond to your support tickets - and you could only submit trouble tickets via their website. That’s just not acceptable when your email isn’t working as advertised.

Google provides live phone support for Google Apps customers. Just pick up the phone and dial - it’s as simple as that. They also provide live chat or email support if you prefer. We know it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who’s handling your support case.